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Maggie Mae here,

I would like to invite you all to tell us about your furry little friends, Cats, Dogs, Weasels,
(Just no squirrels please).

Please feel free to tell us about your childhood pet or one that’s no longer with us or even the one that’s laying at your feet.

I would just love to create a place where we all could share our great love for animals. And even if you must talk about a squirrel I guess that would be ok to,
Maggie Mae Scroll way down for the stories.

iconIf you would just like to add some photos of your furry friends I have created this Flickr pool open to all of you. It may require a free account with Yahoo / Flickr.

When your ready here is a link to the photo pool
I love animals (Photo Pool) open to the public

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8 thoughts on “About your furry friend

  1. Maggie’s “master” here (Lonnie)
    I guess I will kick things off here.
    Just a few months before we brought home Maggie I had to make one of the hardest decision I have ever made. My 15 year old overweight Dalmatian who’s hips had gone bad and was pretty much blind needed to be put down. Her name was Dottie and she was the smartest, sweetest and most gentle animal I have ever known. I loved this dog like nothing I have ever loved before.
    Everyone that ever met her loved her. She had a large repertoire of tricks and we would always put on a show for company.
    I almost didn’t take Maggie because I wasn’t sure I could ever lose something I loved again. I’m so glad now that I did.
    This may sound weird but Dottie’s remains are in a urn on a shelf just about three feet from me now. She sits there with her collar, a cross, and her tennis ball and although I miss her she will always be with me.
    Photo of my Sweet Dottie

  2. Hey Maggie Mae,
    Since you created this page, I have been wondering whom of the K-9 that I had the privilege to share my life with, I would talk about. I guess Mirka, the duchess, would be a safe bet.

    We had a harsh time with my parents and my brother as we had just lost Luna (whom had run away), but stubborn is my father! He found an advert that said baby boxers were to be born. He went and met the parents and “booked” (for lack of a better word) a female.

    She was seven weeks when we first met her, with a little red tissue around her neck. Her head was egg shaped; she was kind and beautiful. I dare say that all my time, as I was at my parents, I very much spoiled her. Always sitting on my lap, this girl… who became about 28 kilos (of muscles)… she looked very funny because her tongue was always out ; not much, but just enough to bring a smile on your face. She had a mind of her own too, talking and arguing a lot… but just a whisper from me and she’d settle down. I loved her so dearly!

    She passed away last year in my mother’s arms. Though, me in Sweden and her in France, one week earlier (thank God for technology) I could say goodbye to her. She was my darling Mirka and I’ll never forget her.


  3. Lonnie again,
    Not all dog stories are about the so called good dogs. Being a flawed human and maybe a little conceited I fancied myself a good dog trainer because of the sucsess I was having with my Dalmatian Dottie.

    My adult niece wanted a puppy for her daughter, so we went to the pound and picked one out. My niece lived in an apartment and couldn’t have a dog at the time so she wanted me to take the puppy and train it so when she moved to a house she would have it and it would be a good dog like Dottie.

    Here is where I have learned a great lesson, never be fooled into thinking that it’s you the trainer that makes a dog smart. There are good dogs and bad dogs, smart dogs and dumb dogs, and this is where the credit falls. You need to be prepared to love them either way if you are going to take one in, and this one “Jessie” tested me every day.

    I’m sorry to say both as a master and a trainer I failed this dog. It only lived a short life. When you were around this dog, she was just a normal but hyper dog. What this dog could not take is to be left alone, even if you where just in the next room. She would chew up any and everything she could. This dog cost me literally hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damaged property.

    I do not tell this story to scare anyone away from ever taking in a dog. My entire life I have been around dogs and I am a true dog lover, I have a million good stories to this one bad one.

    This story’s purpose is to say be prepared to love your dog no matter what. There may be some bad with the good, but that’s just life isn’t it?
    With all that I have said about this dog I still loved her very much and morned her loss. I still to this day do not feel the dog failed me, I think I failed the dog.
    For the love of animals,

    Photo of Jessie and my great niece Halley Bug her intended master https://crumsnatcher.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/jessie.jpg

  4. Hey Maggie Mae, This page Is a great Idea. Well Since you started it. I have many pets to talk about. They are all rather young.

    Ill start off with our oldest Rocky. Rocky is a 10 year old Cockatoo. We got him from a fleamarket when he was just 10 months old. I just cant believe how years have flew. Rocky now has a skin problem and is picking a hole in his chest. We have taken him to many doctors and have spend thousands of dollars trying to find a cure for his skin. But nothing has worked. If Rocky dont stop picking at his chest,It can soon lead to his death.

    Next in line is Abbey our 2nd oldest. Abbey is a 5 year old Beagle I got her from a Old farmer.I was very excited to get abbey. Because she was the 1st dog that I have actually had for longer than a couple of years. Since the 1st week that I got her I tought her many and many tricks. But now that she is 5 years old she isnt interested in learning any more. She is currently on a diet because she is Over weight not too over weight but still its for her health.

    Bobo. ohh boy…Bobo…Bobo is a 11 month old african grey. We got him from the same flea market that we got Rocky from. Bobo was actually a gift for my mother. She fought and beat cancer at the age of 34. And she thought that it was time that she got another bird. And here bobo is today. Bobo is a great talker. He says soo many things. I cant name them all or I would be here all day. Bobo is really big for an african grey. and he is also the biggest chicken. Nobody can handel him except for my moms boyfriend.So for right now bobo is the perch potato amung all the birds.

    The one and only Chewy. Chewy is a 6 month old senegal. that we also got from the same fleamarket as rocky and bobo. Since chewy is a senegal He does have his attitudes where he bites everything in site. But Thats just how he is. chewy dont like to be bossed around. He likes to boss others around. Hes just one of those kinds of birds. Theres not much to say about him.

    Then theres Maya. My 6 month old Black german shepherd. I have been wanting a german shepherd since I was 3 years old. I have not got one until the age of 15. I finally talked my parents into letting me get another dog since abbey isnt a playful one. I looked in newspapers and searched the internet looking for a bigger dog like a lab,rottie,shepherd,or even a puggle. But nothing. So one weekend Me and my parents traveled to 2 different animal shelters looking for a puppy. I thought that I had one picked out at the 2nd animal shelter. But we were not able to adopt it because it needed to be fixed and all of that. so we left puppy less and on our way home We stopped at a puppy store. When we walked in the first puppy that caught my eyes was maya. She was just the cutest thing that I have ever saw. At the time she had brown markings but now that she is older she dont have any. except for on her feet. We sat there and played for about an hour and I finally talked my parents into paying big money for the puppy. That was the happiest day that I have had in a long time.

    Izzy is the newest addition to our family. Izzy is a 3 month old Russian Blue kitten. We got izzy when our 23 year old cat passed away on july 1st.We have been looking for a blue tick kitten or a grey cat with blue eyes. We went searching at the animal shelter for a kitten and they didnt have any grey kittens. so we thought that we had a tiger stripped picked out. But at the very last minute a guy pointed out a kitten in the very corner back cage and at that minute we knew that she was comeing home with us. as we were signing her out of the spca. They brought us the wrong cat. We are lucky that we didnt get the wrong cat because Izzy is the best cat that anyone could ask for.

    Well Thats all of our animals. I could go on talking about the fish but there are so many and I wouldnt know what to say about them. LOL.

  5. Love your blog! Maggie Mae and my two schnauzers would probably be instant best friends — for the love (or is it really hatred?) of squirrels! 🙂

  6. Hi Maggie. I’m Olive. I love to chase squirrels too, but I like to chase birds even more. Oh, gotta go, my human is coming. Last time I nibbled on the keyboard and it was not appreciated…

  7. Hi Maggie, I have a beautiful furry friend named Beau, he is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I have just started a blog about him. I cook him a batch of dinner once a week. He only eats home mode food. You are more then welcome to follow my blog as well.

    Thank you

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