Stimulus money?


Squirrel patrol is happy to announce that thanks to federal stimulus funding we were able to train and deploy Squirrel Patrol’s new Navy Seal / Duck unit pictured here in their winter camo tactical uniforms.

As we have said before thanks congress. Never let it be said that you guys are not all for the birds.
Commander Maggie Mae “Squirrel Patrol”

Maggie’s fortune cookies:  Is there anybody that really cares if Michael Moore supports them or not?

Today’s quote: Nobody criticizes the ‘Mighty Ducks’ trilogy and gets away with it. Nobody!
Quote: Joshua Jackson


Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day

We would of baked a cake but we didn’t know how many candles to put on it.

Dorothy and I celebrated Earth Day Eve by going to a local park  to take some photos of Mother Nature’s beautiful work.

Sun Bath


A duck’s Christmas wish comes true….

Goodbye Daisy

Today is a bitter sweet day. Our feathered friend Daisy the duck found a new home on a farm with a pond and other ducks.

As we have done before I think Daisy would of been better named David.

He / she will get to live a more normal life for a duck which makes us happy but we all will miss Him / Her.

We love you Daisy, Lou Lou is heart broken

Puppy Love

Enjoy the pond when it thaws,
Love your family