Angry Bird

Angry Bird

Well hold on there Woody, don’t get your feathers all ruffled up. Those little rodent, Tree Rats also sleep in those trees, you could wait till he is sleeping and shove him out of the nest.
He already looks like he fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch on his way down, Winking smile
Maggie Mae “Commander, Squirrel Patrol”

Maggie’s fortune cookies: If you are angry enough to growl, take a deep breath and count to ten before you bite.

Today’s quote: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” 
                          Quote: Dr. Seuss


In the shadows…

Dog Drama

Being a covert op in Squirrel Patrol I get used to being in the shadows. It’s a lonely life, the point is to not draw attention to yourself. Do you know how hard it is to not let a squirrel notice you?

I think I’m getting hard and sadistic, I enjoy waterboarding those little rodents too much!

And that’s just for digging in the flower pots.

Maggie’s Fortune cookies: If it stinks too much, roll in it!

Today’s quote: A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.
Quote: John Barrymore

Thanks for stopping by, now that you have seen my face I’ll have to hunt you down,
Lou Lou “Head Spook” Squirrel Patrol

Mission complete

The Mouser

Sources inside the federal government have indicated that Maggie and the girls of Squirrel Patrol have secured a cache of radioactive walnuts in eastern Europe. It is believed that the tainted nuts were to be dispersed and buried by tree rats in strategic locations in the US.

Maggie and Squirrel Patrol you will be welcomed back in the good old U. S. of A. with the gratitude of a grateful nation.
Thanks for another mission complete!
Ocho the cat. 

Maggie’s fortune cookies: If it smells bad, odds are it tastes bad.

Today’s quote: A poor life is better than a good death. / unknown

the “Tree Demon”

tree demon

Maggie Mae thinks that squirrels are the only tree demon. I took this photo to show her their master “the Sycamore Squirrel Sprite”, ruler of all Tree Rats world wide.

Oh and by the way happy 5th birthday Maggie Mae and don’t be frightened that’s not the Sycamore Squirrel Sprite, it much uglier.

Enjoy kindergarten,
Your proud Poppa  

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Rally Squirrel

Maggie Mae here,
Great now the squirrel gets to go to the World Series.

rally squirrel

Today’s quote:
People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring. ~Rogers Hornsby

Maggie’s fortune cookie:
Even a blind squirrel finds his way to the World Series sometimes.

Some rodents have all the luck,
Maggie “Cards Fan” Mae

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Duck blind?


Hi Maggie Mae here,

So we were all watching the TV the other day and this outdoor sportsman show came on and the host was duck hunting from a blind. So being the rocket scientist that I am I got the idea for a squirrel blind.

Does anyone know where I can find a squirrel call?

Today’s quote:
If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them. ~Phil Pastoret

Maggie’s fortune cookie:
Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly.

Wish me luck,
Maggie “quack quack” Mae

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.