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I know I have used this image before, it’s just one that I like.

The best thing that has resulted from this blog is that my family has made friends with another family in another part of the country. As I had expected and time has confirmed these were extraordinary people. I learned a great deal about the Northeast and New England and my wife has found facebook game partners and friends.

Rob is a painter and great artist and I mean that wholeheartedly.  TGB, the other half of this family, well I like to call her Martha Stewart “with the eye of an artist”, she grows a beautiful garden and turns that into even more beautiful Food and products. She makes her own remarkable brand of soaps.

To get to the point of this post. I have just found out that Rob is having serious health problems and in his weakened state he is having difficulty fighting the battle. My request is to ask that in one of your spare moments could you please offer a prayer, send good vibes or whatever your belief system offers out for Rob’s health and strength and for TGB’s faith, strength, and health.

Thank you in advance for caring about our fellow man and although there are times that things are not in our hands we do what we can and pray for help.


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