A walk on the wild side

wild cat

Squirrel Patrol would like to apologize for our absence from this blog.

Our beloved federal government called Squirrel Patrol into it’s services, we trained and successfully executed a mission in Pakistan. I could tell you more about it but then I would have to kill you!

Well enough with the patting ourselves on the back, pictured above is one of the many dangers we face on local patrol. We call them “the big cats” . Cats that have gone wild, we try to give them free passage because we feel sorry for them not having a home and family for the simplest of comforts. P.S. “And they are mean as hell”.

“Squirrel Team 6” Captain, Maggie Mae


2 thoughts on “A walk on the wild side

  1. Maggie, you were born to track..keep up the good work! HAVE MISSED you since the Pakistan road trip 😉 WB!

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