SP’s Most Wanted


From the desk of Chief Maggie Mae, Squirrel Patrol

Recent stakeout photos show that the rodent known as El Ardilla leader of the árbol rata cartel from Warez Mexico may have made moves to take over territory in the upper Midwest.

It is believed that El Ardilla has just come North or due to his weight problem he spent a particularly hard snowy winter eating the birds’ food which would be an indicator of the type of low life rodent we are dealing with.

Let it be known the Squirrel Patrol and I will run down this fat,sorry piece of rodent trash, Tree Rat, El Ardilla.

It’s bad enough that we need to deal with the evil tree rats from our own country now we have smelly border jumpers,
Maggie “John Walsh” Mae

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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