Morning watch…


BB (Squirrel Patrol)

Pictured above is me last fall on a Saturday morning watch, as the rookie at squirrel patrol I get stuck working weekends and a lot of 3rd watches but that’s okay because evil never takes a day off.

On this particular watch as I recall Lou Lou was fast asleep in the house and Maggie Mae had played a blues festival the night before and hadn’t even come dragging in yet.

Squirrel watch is a different game when you know you are on your own and there is no backup.

The ground on this day was nice and soft and it was late fall so the tree rats were very busy digging in the yard to bury their nuts.

This was the perfect occasion for me to take a page out of our brothers in the Highway Patrol’s book and find a hiding place and wait for the speeders “in this case tree rats” to come to me.

I would sit there and wait until the nasty rodents dropped their nuts on the ground preparing to dig and then I would make a mad dash after them, by the end of my watch I had a pile of nuts knee deep and a warm sense of accomplishment that for at least on this morning this yard was spared from the useless destruction at the paws of this evil scourge on society the “Tree Rat” squirrel.

Question: If a Squirrel and a Rabbit fell off a building, who would hit the ground first?
Answer: The Rabbit – the Squirrel would have to stop for directions!

Anyone want to buy some nuts?
BB (Squirrel Patrol)

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

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