A fresh start…


Maggie Mae here,

The photo above depicts me at one of my worst moments, the day I was asked to leave the Police Academy Drug Search Training Program.

With no chance at ever making the police force I was in a deep state of depression. My master worked very hard trying to cheer me up and one day when we were playing Frisbee I was struck in the head with a large walnut. This event seemed to give me super powers, I now have the ability to detect the presents of the evil “Tree Rat” at a great distance and not to mention my ability to play a mean Blues guitar.

I came to the conclusion that with these powers I could make up for my failures at Police Academy and make the world a better place. Our country is in great trouble at the evil hands of these “Tree Rat” squirrels. So with my stepsisters Lou Lou and BB we formed a non- government police force called Squirrel Patrol.

Our blog has recently undergone some major changes and we have decided to get back to the basics, “Ridding America of the disgusting rodents (the Tree Rat)”

So welcome to the fresh start and sleep well knowing that Squirrel Patrol is on the job,
Maggie Mae

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6 thoughts on “A fresh start…

  1. Hey Maggie Mae dropping by to show your website some love I will definitely sleep better knowing that you and your step sisters on on patrol thank you for everything you do. Sincerely. Nick

  2. Hey Maggie don’t for get about ur neighbors dogs. They are always done for some squirrel, groundhogs, and what ever else patrol.

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