No man’s blooms…

No mans bloom
As if there aren’t enough unanswered question in life.

Late last summer my wife and I ventured deep into a woods with camera close at hand and high hopes. We wandered off on our own path. Maybe a path that no man had ever walked?

On our trek we came across many patches of wild flowers mostly in their last stages of bloom, I could only wish we had gone earlier.
As we found our way out of the woods I couldn’t help but think, who did these flowers bloom for? We were probably the only one to ever see them.

I guess as a human and in my own mind rulers of the world, I believed that flowers only bloom for the pleasure of man.

Well for whom did they bloom? If I am to believe that everything has a purpose then for who’s purpose was the no man’s bloom?

Just like the ageless question if a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a noise? I guess that this is just another reminder that there are many question well above my pay grade and to all of those people that have sarcastically called me “a know it all”, you are just plain wrong.

These are the things that consume my thought process, do I need to seek help,


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