My honey…

Some things are just magnetic, the bee cannot resist the pollen, the tide is not able to stop the tug of the moon.On January 11 (and I won’t give the year for fear for my own life) the magic of life and the power of the stars came together to give birth to a girl child. Over the years this child would grow and learn the lessons in life that would make her the remarkable woman she is today.

Little did I know that I would like the bee get caught by this wondrous attraction that is now known as Dorothy. 

Like a key to a lock there was a perfect fit and the missing piece to my life’s puzzle had made me complete.

If you look carefully on the night of January 11 every year the sky’s light up with fireworks to celebrate the birth of the greatest gift I have ever received, “Dorothy” 

 Happy Birthday Dorothy, you are all I have and all I’ll ever need,


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