The haunted tree…

Haunted tree

As legend would have it this is the story of the haunted tree. Years ago there was a young boy that loved to climb in his favorite tree. This is how he spent his summers because he was an only child and he lived very far from any of his school mates and friends.

Back in those days kids didn’t have any video games or internet to keep them busy, they went outside to play.

As the legend goes there was this one particular squirrel that had claimed this tree to be his own and didn’t care much for the boy making life difficult for him. So one day he spies the young boy at the trunk of the tree getting ready for his daily climb and the squirrel concocted a plan to climb up high where the boy liked to climb and he would hide on the backside of a branch waiting to jump out to scare the kid.

The youngster struggled to climb to his nice high perch waiting to enjoy his view of the area. As planned the squirrel jumped out and scared the kid causing him to fall from this great height thus ending his young life.

The legend tell us that the boy’s spirit entered that tree at that very moment and has lived there ever since.

The story goes that if you were to visit this tree today you would see this tree violently shacking it’s branches trying to dislodge any squirrel that was brave enough to climb it.

Some say that on a windy day as the breeze blows thru the leaves you can hear the boy call out “Damn tree rats”.

I hope you enjoyed my goofy little ghost story, “Tis the season,”


3 thoughts on “The haunted tree…

  1. Hmm. I’ve noticed a veritable tree rat army in our neighborhood. One or more per tree. And Minnepaolis has a LOT of trees. I’ll have to get some reconnasaince photos taken so General Maggie has current intel for her big strike.

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