The many sides of life….


Below there is some text that I wrote a long time ago on another blog that I wrote about the spiritual side of my life. Today I just happened a crossed it and it met my current feelings.

I know that this doesn’t fit this blog but it fits me. 

Every day we wake up we have been blessed.

All of the pressures of life are self inflected, we are not meant to toil and stew over every last detail of life.

Meet the needs of life and enjoy everything else.

Air to breath, food to eat, comfort from the elements, sleep when needed, and there are some that would argue the next, but I believe that love is required. We may need to spend the good part of the day working to meet these needs, but there will be time left to relax and enjoy.

Above is a photo, this is my creative outlet. This is how I escape the pressures of life. I am at peace with God and life when I am lost in a photo of what my heart believes to be beauty.

Beauty is not the same for all, but I’ll bet that what ever direction your nose points if you look hard enough you can find something that you would consider beauty if you lose the conflicting pressures of life.

Find an outlet for your beauty inside and thank God for all that is given.

For the love of life,


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