Where did you get those peepers?


This is an old photo of Ocho. I shot this photo on an old “point and shoot” in low light and it just wasn’t very sharp or a very good photo from day one.

However I have always loved the composition and notion of this little kitty hiding under a shelve on my desk. Over the last couple of years I would come across it in my photo archives and open it in Photoshop and try to improve upon it. I have about a million versions of it.

  After alot of tries I think I will finally retire it. Sometimes the mind’s eye and reality never meet. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Photoshop for life?

I know I sure could use some touch-up work,


2 thoughts on “Where did you get those peepers?

  1. What about just washing out everything except the rectangular area around his eyes? Or blacking it out would be more what I’m thinking. Reduce the contrast and darken everything else so all the emphasis is on those gorgeous eyes?

    I have photos like this too, technically poor but captivating and my favorites nontheless. And I too, always wish I could clean them up how I would like them.

  2. *Sigh.. this is SO awesome! I’m sooo jealous and now that you brought it up–I want to see the million other versions! 😉

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