Time takes it’s toll


The faded rose tells the story of time like no other. She knows how much time it takes to primp and prepare for the day the bud becomes the bloom.

At that moment in her life she knows with her strong sense of conceit what life can be like if you are coveted and admired. Those around you will treat you special and extend many privileges to you only because of the great beauty you hold.

  As with all things time takes it’s toll. The bloom of a once beautiful rose starts to fade. The once admiring crowd now turns a blind eye on the beauty that has now withered.

Does the less than beautiful bloom now feel more pain? After all She has known what it was like to be young, beautiful, and loved.

Should she take pride in the fact that she lived a full life and brought joy to many? She did complete the circle of life and fulfill her purpose.

Time’s toll is inevitable and time is fleeting.

Time: love it, fear it, but most of all respect it. On your last day it is what you will pray the hardest for more of.

Faded rose   The Faded Rose


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