Smooth talker…


Hi BB here,

Pictured above is a boy dog named Rusty and he has been coming around alot lately to see me.

My Papa says now that I have come of age that there will be alot of smooth talking boy dogs coming around to see me. He told me not to fall for their pickup lines and I don’t even know what that means.

All I know is that Rusty is a HOTTIE! and I wish they would let me go play with him.

Love is in the air,


7 thoughts on “Smooth talker…

    • Thanks SOS for the new word.
      Translation for us old fogies like me can be found in the Urban Dictionary

      1; twitterpaited

      A term used to describe a female who is expierencing extreme desire to bang every single good looking male she comes across
      Upon seeing a gorgeous piece of ass, Holly said, I’m feeling spring fever like crazy, I’m so twitterpaited.


      Great word! You’re never too old to learn 😉

  1. hello maggie mae its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am going to sugjest yoo lissen to the song keep yore hands to yoreself by the faymus minsterls the jorja satelites i think they wil hav lots of gud advice for yoo on this topic!!! ok bye

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