The eye of the beholder


Pictured above is the common sparrow. It is the most abundant bird in this part of the country, Northwest Ohio, my home and place of birth. This bird is so common that I have overlooked it most of my life.

I have recently discovered that I have been given a gift and this gift has profoundly changed my life and I would like to offer this gift to you if you would like to see the world in a different way.

A few times a week I throw my camera strap over my head and I walk out my back door. Something very magical happens, I find all of these beautiful things that I must of missed every other time I walked out of that door.

Do I think that my camera strap is magical? NO, but it gives me the gift to slow down and look at all of the beauty that has been right there in front of me the whole time.

It would please me greatly if I thought that just one of you took those few extra seconds to enjoy the beauty that’s right outside of your door the next time you head out. You don’t need a camera to see it. you just need to slow down and look for it.

Enjoy the treasures in life,


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