Dreams do come true

BB Gun

I was born a poor pup, one of six and Dad was long gone before I was even born. Mom did the best she could but she didn’t even have a job and had to rely on the nice people that took her in just to get by.

There wasn’t much mom could do for us so they spilt us up and we all went to stay with someone that was nice enough to adopt us.

I always had a dream of someday becoming a famous model and as a youngster I would practice in front of the mirror striking poses. Every chance I would get I would sit in front of the TV waiting for a dog food commercial so I could study their moves. In my mind I would put on shows and sometimes I would bark into a hairbrush like it was a microphone.

Little did I know then what a great country I lived in and that I would at an early age live to see my dream come true. Here I am on the internet, photographed almost daily and published where millions can see me. I don’t need to work even a single day and all of my needs are met and I am treated like the Queen that I am.

I just want to let all the pups out there know that with a little hard work dreams can come true.

BB “Queen of the blues”


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