We did a bad, bad thing!

bad thing

Maggie here,

I am speaking on behalf of myself and my two sisters. Yesterday we did a bad, bad thing, we chased a cat up a tree where it spent the next twenty four hours. Our master tried to get it down and he couldn’t so he had to call the Lima Fire department and two very nice firemen came out and climbed a ladder and got this beautiful black and white feline out of the tree.

Our family of canines apologize to the feline community for the bad things that we have done and we would like to thank those First responders for going above and beyond, we thank all of you “ Police, Firemen, and all in the rescue and first responders business, we know it’s more than a job and you keep us safe!

Maggie Mae, Lou Lou, and BB


2 thoughts on “We did a bad, bad thing!

  1. Dear Maggie, It’s me “SnowCat” using mom’s computer. Hummmm. It’s nice about those fireman and I’m just sure they were as cute as pie. Mom loves when the paramedics and fire department show up because she says they are just gorgeous. But not as gorgeous as I. Now I don’t like too much to be bothered with pups. No siree. I will stay in my hood and ya’ll can stay in yours. Mom likes your photos though and stories.
    *Sighs and walks away*.

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