A crisp December morning

Morning Morning 2
first of the month first of the month 2


On a crisp December morning almost two years ago I was given a second chance at life. In these two years my life has changed so much I almost don’t recognize it anymore. It has changed mostly for the good but I have failed miserably at my mission to be a better person and to repay my debt for this time I have in the bonus round. For those of you that I have not helped or maybe even harmed, I apologize. To my God that I made many promises to, I apologize and I still want to find a way to leave this world better when I’m gone.

Thank you to those of you that stop by here regularly, Bloggers are the most creative people on earth. Thanks for your time.

God bless you all, he did me.


4 thoughts on “A crisp December morning

  1. Bless you Lonnie & Maggie Mae– Aren’t second chances grand? Your work here brightens my life daily! Consider your promise kept. Happy holidays!

  2. Hey Lonnie,
    I do believe that you are keeping your promise every day. You do not need to worry about that!
    No matter how little you help, and no matter how little you think you are succeeding in your mission… you are such a compassionate person that you need not making yourself uneasy.
    You are always here for those who need a piece of advice, a little boost or simply to feel less lonely. Trust me, I know! ^_^

    So thank you for being this fantastic person you are,
    Thank you for caring that much,
    And God bless you… again!
    Your friend

  3. Thank you Claire,
    There may be half of the world between us but you have always been there for me as a friend and for this I am thankful.

    Aren’t these marvelous times that we live in when I can get words of encouragement from Maine and Sweden.
    Peace on earth and good will to men (and women)!

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