Dog breed trivia #2 answer

mymarriedlife and Adrienne both came up with the correct answer, Šarplaninac.



The breed can also work cattle and serve as a guard dog; it was bred and used as a military dog under Josip Broz Tito. The Šarplaninac is spreading through North American ranches as a sheep herding dog and a livestock guardian. Since 1975, successful exports have been carried out to the United States and Canada to control coyotes, and this is where its future security rests. It is now gaining recognition as a hard-working, able flock guard in those countries.

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One thought on “Dog breed trivia #2 answer

  1. Hello there,

    I have to write in order to give exact information about the breed of this dog. This breed is Illyrian Sheepdog ( Illyria B.C was what we call now Balkans )…it that roams the territory of some of todays states that used to belong to Yougoslavia ! This dog is founded on Sharr mountain, that takes part in todays Kosova and Macedonia !

    Illyrian Sheepdog is very powerfull dog, with good muscular body ! Long double coat gives him the comfort during the could winter, large head with a powerfull bite ! It is known to fight and kill wolves, but even bears ! Very protectull, but not agresive ! It goes from 67-78 cm males, and 62-70 females ! We can have a variety of colours but the most known and original dark grey !!

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