Dog breed trivia…

Week One:

Can you guess the breed of this dog?

If you would like to play leave your guess in a comment and the first person with the correct answer will be listed next week.

week one



(100 to 200 pounds)


(75 to 150 pounds)



70 to 76 cm (28 to 30 inches)


65 to 70 cm (26 to 28 inches)



Litter size

7 to 8

Life span

10 to 12 years

Country of origin



Image and information source –

They hold all copyrights


4 thoughts on “Dog breed trivia…

  1. hello maggie its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay hungary??!!? it must be a vizsla dog rite??? but wow that vizsla dog needs a shayv!!! and it is the rong kolor!!! and it is too big!!! and — wot??? oh tucker sez it is a kuvasz yeah yeah yeah tucker yoo ar so edumakayted!!! ok bye

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