2 at play

It may not look like it but this is what dogs do for fun. I assure you this is not a dog fight.

We now have three dogs here and from the first thing in the morning until the dark of night this scene is repeated over and over again, dogs roughhousing until they all curl up together and sleep the night away.

The family that plays together, stays together,
Maggie Mae, Lou Lou, and BB


3 thoughts on “BFF?

  1. A while back we were watching a couple of Goldens playing and roughhousing like this, until some well-meaning people (not their owners) decided they were fighting and dragged them apart. Poor dogs were just having fun!

  2. Yep. Snap and snarl. Leap, pounce and retreat. Flashing tooth, curled tongue and wild eye. Body check, tumble and spin then off like a flash.

    Looks like my pups when they play!


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