Photo caption contest returns for season 2…

Week of 9/14/09 thru 9/20/09

Photo caption contest rules:

1: Show us how creative you can be by writing a caption for this photo in a comment.

2: Week starts on Mondays at 00:01 and ends on Sunday at 24:00 (Midnight). Please have your caption in by Sunday Midnight.

3: A poll will be added and you may vote for your favorite caption.

4: Weekly winners will be announced on Mondays with the new week’s photo.

5: As the weekly winner you will be listed in the Weekly winners list.

“Sorry that’s the best I have to offer.”

This week’s photo comes to us from and this blog is in no way affiliated with Flickr or Yahoo and is not a commercial web site.

This photo can be found at: 

and is used under license found at

Week 1 photo:

the begging life


The more the merrier so I would appreciate any shameless plugs and word of mouth advertising any of you can help with.

Be creative and have fun!


10 thoughts on “Photo caption contest returns for season 2…

  1. “Shown here at the reception held in his honor, the Ambassador from the Outer Rim greets attendants with his people’s traditional gesture for peace and goodwill.”

    Conglomerated Press – July 2028

  2. I lays down ya calls me a rug. I walks around and ya calls me a mop. What’s a dog gotta do to get some respect around here?

    Wait… HA! NOW let’s hear ya’s! Back legs and everything!

    Whadya mean I got no pants on?!

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