BB 8 x 10

Hi everyone,

My name is BB, my master calls me a rascal because I know how to open cupboards and I can and do carry large heavy objects around from room to room.

I don’t know what these rascals are but they must have a hearing problem because every time he calls me that name he’s yelling.

See you soon,
BB “the rascal blues pup”


3 thoughts on “Rascal!

  1. Rascal or not… you are way too pretty to be yelled at ^_^

    I mean… you are not prettier than your sisters, since the three of you… no sorry I forgot Daisy… the four of you have a particular beauty that defines each and everyone of you… so you are all extremely pretty/beautiful (that is in fact what I mean ^_^)

    Still way too pretty and beautiful to be yelled at…
    You hear me Lonnie 😀

    Well you all rascals (:P) You have a good day!
    Greetings in plenty from Sweden

  2. Hi Claire, Lonnie has been under the weather for a few days and hasn’t been on his computer very much. His bark is worse than his bite and those girls of his is spoiled rotten including me. We want to thank you for stopping by and leaving comments. He looks forward to everyone looking at his blog and leaving comments. And he says a big Thank You to everyone.

  3. Hi Dorothy,
    Well I was merely joking… I am fairly certain that your family is one of the happiest in the world ^_^

    It always brings me joy to stop by, and when times are tough for me, Lonnie’s blog ease them a bit. I am not stopping by as often as I’d like though…

    Be well you all 😀

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