Indulge me…


duck 2 water

Please indulge me, I know we just had duck pictures but I am over whelmed by the simplistic beauty of this creature. With feathers so white they almost blind.

Those of you that think animals are dirty have never seen how much effort they go thru cleaning and preening if anything these animals probably think that humans are dirty.

Every once in a while there is something that touches you in a way that just makes you ponder life and creation. Is there a creator or did we just come from a chance happening of protozoa and ameba?

This white duck is my epiphany and I’ll leave it at that. Thank you all for indulging me for speaking the thoughts I usually keep to myself.

Thanks for your time,


2 thoughts on “Indulge me…

  1. Beautiful photographs of a beautiful creature. It’s not insignificant that we call them “creatures”, by the way. I am constantly amazed by the beauty that exists in the natural world, and birds in general are at the forefront. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your thoughts.

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