My harem…

Mama D (Best Mother in-law)

Maggie Mae


Dorothy (Loving wife)

Matilda Lou (Lou Lou)

Lucille Rae (BB Queen)

Carson (The female cat)



Pales in comparison to the other beauties shown.

How can one man be lucky enough to have this many beautiful females in his life.

That’s right I’m not from Utah nor do I wear a large felt hat and drive a lime green Cadillac, but I am very lucky to have these great females in my life.

Lucky Lonnie


6 thoughts on “My harem…

  1. This is Lonnie’s wife and thank you Noturus. Lonnie is the greatest and my mother loves him very much. So thank you again and thanks to everyone who comes and checks out this blog. It makes Lonnie’s day.

  2. What a beautiful family ^_^
    Lonnie, you are indeed a blessed man and for what I’ve heard you deserve it very much 😀
    Ladies… such an honour!
    Be well all of you,

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