Soul mates…

soul mates

As a kid we called these turtle doves. I have since learned that they are mourning doves and I was always told that they pair up and mated for life with their partners, I don’t know if that part is true?

In a world with billions of trees I have always wondered how when one flies off for food or what ever how they ever meet up again.

My wife Dorothy, AKA “Thea” and I have one of those silly things that soul mates do, when ever we see a pair of doves we name them Thea-dovea and Lonnie Pigeon. No one ever accused us of being the sharpest knifes in the drawer.

I’ve had more birds on here lately than dogs,
Thea-dovea’s soul mate, Lonnie Pigeon


One thought on “Soul mates…

  1. They are beautiful so there is no way you could not show them off… the mating for life thing, I’m sure you could find that out on wikipedia 😉

    Happy summer to all of you guys!

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