Window on the world

ochos window

This is Ocho the cat doing one of his favorite things, Looking out the window.

Ocho has only been outside of the house once in his whole life and that was to get neutered, I’m sure that left a lasting memory. 

I wasn’t raised around cats, so I don’t know a lot about them. I sometimes feel guilty that he hasn’t had the chance to go out and explore the world. Dorothy, my wife tells me because he was raised with dogs, he has no fear of them and would not fair well on his own in the cruel world.

My two cents on the whole cat VS dog debate is that a dog will follow you anywhere and trust that you will not lead them into danger, like a good “little soldier” they follow there leaders orders.

Cats on the other hand are free thinkers, they seem to be more Reagan-ess, “Trust but verify”. If you can get a cat to follow you, you must have a fish in your pocket.

I actually respect that quality in cats, independence, along with the great athletic abilities combined with their balance and grace.

I’m sorry Ocho I don’t know what’s best for you? For your safety we’ll keep you inside and warm, dry, and loved.



One thought on “Window on the world

  1. He has the most wonderous eyes!

    Just on a note, some people set up cat-proof outdoor runs. It is my understanding that these have some sort of “roof” on fence-wise to keep the cats in. Then they can get out and be in the grass but safe. There is even a brand of fencing that is cat-proof if you want to get fancy and do the whole yard. It does not havea roof. 😉 The fencing is flexible so cat’s can’t climb it, and tall, so they can’t jump it.

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