For the love of Daisy…


Hello, Lonnie here.

Last week my Wife and my Mother in-law went to the local TSC to get pet food.

I call my Mother in-law Mama D as a nickname. Mama D knows how much I love animals and they saw a bunch of little chicks and ducklings and she just had to get me a duck, she asked my wife Dorothy if I would kill her if she came dragging this thing home. Little did she know how much this 50 year old man would fall in love with this beautiful little creature.

To watch this little duck follow our dogs around brings a smile to my face.

Thank you Mama D for Daisy the duck, she brings joy to my heart.


3 thoughts on “For the love of Daisy…

  1. Daisy the Duck is so cute! She surely brings joy. I could imagine how it would make you giggle when she walks. Does she mingle well with the other pets at home? Thanks for sharing. It would be great to visit this site and see other adorable pets around. Thanks.

  2. Trudy flew into our yard one day and never left. She used to sleep on top of my old volvo and follow me everywhere….she was a funny and sweet. My dogs weren’t so pleased they thought she was for chasing.

    Enjoy your Daisy….she will bring so much to your family =o)

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